‘Body, mind, and soul’ set right with the power of nature

The three dots represent the missing ‘E’ in Earth, signifying a time to focus on my body, mind, and soul, a time to get back to my essence after being distracted.



ARTH is a brand that starts with the essence
of the Earth.

ARTH means stripped of E, the exterior,
from the Earth.
ARTH explores the essence of nature by stripping
away the external standards and layers of veneer
that obscure our true selves.

We tell the story of an honest us that is more
beautiful because it is not artificial, and because
it is unadorned, through the scent of wild nature.



ARTH's perfumers have spent 30 years researching and developing fragrances,
smelling more natural scents than anyone else.

We propose natural scents that restore the mind and body
with optimal blends derived from 30 years of perfumery research.